Episode 6: Healing Tinnitus and Pulsing Limbs

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Hi there. My name is Amy, and I’ve been a medical intuitive for twenty two years. This podcast is called medical intuitive miracles because your body is an amazing self regulating, self correcting wonder. And all we need to do is give it the tools and resources to perform its own medical intuitive miracle. And that really means that we all have the ability to feel great all in the time.

And that’s what we’re gonna talk about in this podcast. I’m gonna open my toolbox and share everything I can and everything I’ve learned with you. Because I care and I want you to feel good and that’s what we’re gonna do together.

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Today, we are going to talk about something that I hear about as a medical intuitive very regularly, and that’s tinnitus. We’re also going to talk about tingling and pulsing in the limbs. Because sometimes that accompanies tinnitus and sometimes it does not. That kind of catchall term of tinnitus encompasses a lot of different things.

Some people experience it as ringing in the ears. Some people experience it as a background, white noise. So that’s the auditory component. We will talk today about some of the root causes and what I’ve seen with hundreds, if not thousands of people over twenty two years. This is a much more common phenomenon in the past five years or so. I’m recording this in the beginning of twenty twenty three.

So, you know, if you encounter it later, then that might be different, but I I started to hear a lot of tinnitus talk specifically in I believe twenty twenty, a little bit in twenty nineteen, twenty eighteen, but it’s really skyrocketed. And the same with this tingling pulsing. So I’m going to talk to you about some of the things that are potential causes and commonalities with all of these messages from our body that we could also call symptoms. And some of the things we can do about that or in relation to that. As always, it’s really important to remind you that I am not a doctor nor am I a psychologist or an attorney, etcetera, etcetera.
And so this podcast is one hundred percent for informational purposes only. And you must always consult your health practitioner to determine what is right for you. And I’ll also add your own intuition.

So a lot of the times the people who come in with these symptoms have consulted their traditional doctors and have ruled out that anything else is wrong, which is a good idea as well. So let’s talk about some of the potential causation factors.

One of them, and some of them, a lot of them are multicause, and some of these go hand in hand. So one of them is the increasing amount of electromagnetic frequencies to which we are exposed. This means from our own home Wi Fi, our devices, as well as our neighbors, Wi Fi, our city or towns, And as well as also antennas, and this can be, you know, obviously, cell phone towers, and radio antennas. There’s a lot of talk now about 5 g and what that means. On my other podcast, Happily Holistic, I interviewed Nick Pineault who wrote the non tin foil guide to EMFS, which is the book I would recommend to to learn about this.
That book is fabulous. And then when I talked to Nick, I asked him about 5G specifically because we’re starting to hear a lot about it. And he had some really good information around 5G, including that I think that interview was conducted in, I think, twenty twenty two early in in the year, if I remember correctly. And at that point, part of what Nick was pointing out was a lot of the towers were not actually yet outfitted to five g somewhere, but a lot of the five g was actually operating on the what we would call the 4G, but with a lot more quantity of frequencies. So kinda like turning up the volume on four g.

Either way, it’s just, you know, more from an electromagnetic frequency standpoint bombarding our system. I am really fortunate I’m getting to write a book that’s gonna talk quite a bit about our our electromagnetic fields as human beings, living things, and we will be touching on you know, what happens to those fields when there are other different disparate larger fields and how that affects health. So we don’t even have a title yet for that book. That book is in progress, but keep an eye out. Join the email list at amy leigh mercree dot com.

Keep an eye out on my Instagram specifically. That book will come out in early twenty twenty four. And check it out because it’s gonna be a fresh take on auras, also known as our electromagnetic fields. So I have a more particle physics take on things than a newer age color coded system that resonates for lots of people. As medical intuitive, I see things a little bit differently.

So anyways, that’ll be fun to take a peek at if you’re interested. But to go back to the topic. These EMF fields do seem to cause some nervous system effects. Nick tells the story. I can’t remember if it’s on the podcast or in the book. I almost think in both where he goes to a yearly conference with a lot of the EMF expert type people and and then probably considered a little fringy or alternative health ish.

One of them brings a really high end EMF blocking tent. I think they call it a faraday tent, actually. So apparently, when people who have tinnitus go in the tent, the tinnitus will stop. And kids who have release of your autism when their parents bring them to the tent, they fall asleep. So that’s something to think about.
So that book helps us reduce some of that exposure. So if you are experiencing tinnitus or the tingling pulsing you definitely want to take a look at making sure that EMF situation is as mitigated as it can be. It’s not the only cause. And we all need to do that by the way. You can educate yourself on that on lots of different topics.
And there are something to consider if you are living in a high EMF or a high density area like a city or something. There are some tents you can put around the bed for that. Shielded healing dot com. I don’t know them personally, but I know they have kind of a DIY kit. And it it does have a grounding mat.

You have to plug it in. You have to make sure the outlets grounded. There’s a lot to it. But if I were to need one of those, that is the place I know to get one that would be high quality because I know there’s some knock offs. And it should and I think the material that I use is organic cotton that’s in woven through a silver and then plugged into a grounding mat and then that that’s plugged into the wall.

As long as the building is properly grounded, then it grounds that frequency so it keeps it off of you while you sleep. So it gives you a quiet, little quiet pod. Which gives your body some time to regenerate.

So related from a traditional Chinese medicine standpoint, is the fact that we live in a very generally what we would call a yang society. It’s very go go go and I think those EMFs have a effect that causes deficiency in general and especially yin deficiency And majority of people are experiencing yin deficiency to begin with as well, living in a yang society and also not getting enough sleep.

You know, really eight hours is the minimum. I know clinically people say seven to eight. From what I see from the majority of people, especially if they have any of these symptoms or any symptoms of in deficiency. Eight is the minimum nine, you know, eight and a half to nine is the ideal. And it’s pretty hard to come by uninterrupted sleep for that amount of time between the exposure to artificial lights that we have and the exposure to devices and screens. I mean, even right now, I am recording this on my computer. I am looking at a screen. I should have my blue blocker glasses on and I do not because they’re over on the other side of the room and my microphone is plugged into the computer. But So, you know, pretty pretty common for us to have that issue.

So some of the things that we can use to build the yin overall. And this really applies for tinnitus, the tingling, the pulsing, and I’m gonna take us into a case study after this as well. Well, there’ll be a little bit more, but I think the case study will help with that. Some of the things we can use for overall yin building the herb oat straw is incredibly helpful for building yin. Technically, it’s overall yin and lung channel, yin from a TCM perspective.

It does also help us with kidney, Yin. It actually goes it more via the lung channel, which then has a lot of connection with the kidney channel. It’s sort of the next one up from a foundational standpoint, from constitutional, and then that feeds into kidney, which is the foundation for everything. So that yin is really important. And then lung channel comes up above that.

I think in another episode, we’ve talked a lot about lung and how that deficiency leaves us open to illness and immunity issues, and a lot of people are dealing with that, etcetera. So we can also treat this with Oatstraw as a building block for lung yin that then really lets us also rebuild kidney yin and overall yin, which is really important. I like Oastraw organic in a tea bag. Celebration herbals has a nice one. Most people do well with one to two tea bags daily, so that means in warm or room temperature water. Place in your water bottle for the day. It’s a great way to do that. And if you do utilize two, it’d be good to space them out. So one for the first half and then one for the evening, etcetera.

So we’re gonna move a little bit into more of the pulsing and tingling. We’re gonna do this case study. I think we’ll probably do it part two of tinnitus or another episode more specifically about tinnitus. But I wanted to talk about this pulsing and tingling of the limbs. Sometimes these things go hand in hand because these causes are similar, the EMF and the tingling issue overall.

Some herbs that build yin overall are fennel and fenugreek, both are very mild. For specifically, kidney and we can use marshmallow root. Sometimes that is almost is provoking for people who have a lot of in deficiency or are sensitive. For me, from a synesthesia standpoint, when I when I use marshmallow root, it feels too tingly. It gives me, like, a tingle in a metallic sweetness in the back of the throat.
It’s a little bit over stimulating because it’s so ultra yin. So I think a lot of times I do better personally with Oatstraw.

From an essential oil standpoint, rose essential oil has a yin quality as well. And you would always use that with a carrier oil, by the way. And no fragrances, therapeutic grade.

We’re gonna talk about a case study next. So I see all these issues the tinnitus, the tingling, and the pulsing in the limbs. With all ages and all genders, tinnitus, especially all ages, all genders.

The tingling and pulsing in the limbs phenomenon I see a lot with Postmenopausal women, but I’ve been starting to to see it more and more with women who are still premenopausal who are who are younger. I don’t hear about it quite as much in men.
Definitely let me know in the comments, especially on Instagram. It’s a great place to talk to me about these things. You can comment on the episode when I post it and and talk about your experience because I’d love to hear that.

If you are a man who is experiencing the pulsing and the tingling, as well as the tinnitus, I’d love to hear that, and your relative age group, because I think that’s an an important piece.

But the point of all this is I’m seeing this more in more younger woman and that concerns me. I think there’s a lot of factors. Endocrine disruption is a factor as well. And you know, all that kidney channel energy is intimately tied to our endocrine system and our reproductive system specifically. And from the lung channel standpoint, that is thyroid.

So you know, a lot of our endocrine system is tied to those two channels from a TCM perspective. So case study, young woman right around age forty very healthy, yoga, good lifestyle, you know, all the things who it has a life stress and move to a more densely populated area, so probably a lot more from an EMS standpoint. Who started to experience pulsing and tingling in the limbs and some auditory white noise kind of a non tinnitus form of auditory stimuli that was constant, which boy can that be intense for people? You know?

I talk to people about this phenomenon quite a bit. The pulsing and the tingling in the limbs, I’ve started to hear about ten years ago in a lot of postmenopausal women. And so I attributed that to a couple different things. And to some degree, this might apply regardless of age. So I just want to familiarize you with some of these concepts, and then we’ll go back to the case studies.

From a traditional Chinese medicine standpoint, If you are sensitive and intuitive, then sometimes we tend towards creating what we would call a mild blood deficiency. Sometimes that shows up in the form of anemia, if it’s a little bit worse. The reason the body chooses to create that blood deficiency is because blood is spirit in traditional Chinese medicine. And if you’re already sensitive and intuitive, you’re already really tapped into that blood level and that spirit level. And putting more into that mix can be overwhelming.

So your body, which is such an incredibly self regulating organism says, okay, well, I’m gonna create just a tiny bit of blood deficiency to help mitigate all this stimulation because I’m sensitive and, you know, some of that is a spiritual stimuli. My system has that tendency at times.

So sometimes when women become postmenopausal and they don’t have that opportunity to menstruate, blood deficiency can be created by menstruation, they end up with the pulsing and this tingling because it’s more amperage of spiritual energy in the body, on the blood level, specifically, and then coming in into the body. Sometimes that pulsing and tingling on the blood level also has some component where they’ve entered sort of their wise woman phase from a triple goddess standpoint, you know, maiden mother/lover and then wise woman/crone. They’ve entered their wise woman phase And so some of that ancestral wisdom that’s available to them on a positive level sometimes gets activated too.

Different for everybody, but that can be one of the reasons if somebody’s postmenopausal as well as essentially a kidney and deficiency. Keeping in mind, kidney is reproductive. So, kidney inefficiency for a postmenopausal woman basically looks like a low hormone count across the board. Especially low progesterone and and also, you know, once they’re fully through, perhaps, lower estrogen as well. Now for somebody who is not postmenopausal is still cycling and is really healthy and shows up with this.

It can be, you know, pretty intense and we look at why. So the case today I’m gonna talk about is in that young woman who was right around age forty that I mentioned earlier when she came in with this, what what I was shown was right behind the inner ear in the part of the brainstem called the middle pons. There was a inability to hold on to sodium chloride to salt, which is obviously an important electrolyte. The rest of the brainstem wasn’t having that problem. So we need to understand why. So we could add some sodium chloride in the form of untreated sea salt, like Celtic sea salt under the tongue to help.

Provide more to begin with, but we need to understand what was happening that was having those neurons, those nervous system cells, in the middle pons behave that way. And what I was shown was that the the edges of each cell, the outer cell membrane was under charged and unable to hold on to that sodium chloride. And so it was causing dysfunction in the transfer of electricity, which is made of electrons and protons in in those synaptic spots. So the synapses between nervous themselves are where the electricity flows from cell to cell. It kinda jumps a little gap.

Of course, it’s all very microscopic. Really electron microscope level, microscopic, by the way, I believe. But so those cells in the middle pons, those membranes were incorrectly ionized. So cells that are made of matter. Each atom has you’ve probably heard of protons and neutrons in the nucleus, a bunch of empty space then an outer electron shell.

Ionization is when atoms trade and share electrons. And so those those cells in the metal pons, those membranes should have been pre ionized. So when the sodium chloride molecules showed up, they could not really trade and share electrons, and then that regulates the passage of electricity through the cells. That’s why they’re electrolytes. So we needed to understand why.

What we saw was there was some of the yin deficiency issue. There was some stress issue as well, and Also, adding in trace minerals in in a drop form would help the ions to happen a little bit better. And then what I was shown for the person was a little bit of a neurofeedback would help too. Eeg info dot com is a good place to find practitioners for neurofeedback. There’s different kinds in neurofeedback, some are better than others, etcetera.

So with the Celtics sea salt under the tongue. Utilization trace mineral drops, used throughout the day, so maximum dose of trace mineral drops, but spread out over the day. And then looked like in that case, three sessions of neurofeedback to help the brain and the brain stem in this case regulate itself and get back into the correct flow after the stressful events. Plus mitigation of EMFS, those were the sort of prescriptions to eliminate those symptoms.
And then, you know, the the next level of that is to follow-up on how it really build overall Yen, Kidney Yen, and make sure there’s a lot of great hormonal balance, good function from a liver standpoint, organ wise, and then traditional Chinese medicine wise. To remove some of the strain that can kind of cause some of this dysfunction. So that’s a little bit of the case study. A lot of this applies for the tinnitus as well. I think we’ll do a separate episode where we talk about just that.
Because tinnitus seems to be common in all ages, but we do have it a lot in postmenopausal women post-andropause men. So, you know, basically people over fifty five. So that’s something we can discuss more, but hopefully that was some good food for thought. It gives you some ideas. Keeping in mind, of course, that Amy is not a doctor. And all of that, good stuff.

But it can be helpful to widen our thinking and incorporate understanding of these underlying causes of what is happening in the body. Now, I will say if we can avail ourselves of high quality, ideally organic, even better locally grown, live foods and high quality, super duper free range, organic, non GMO, all the things, nutrient rich animal products and spend time in nature, you know, those elements of our diet and our lifestyle are bringing that’s closer in nature, we have a lot less health discomfort So would some of those things mitigate some of these issues? Yeah. But we also are living you know, in obviously the EMF side was discussed.
And that liver side I mentioned real quickly in passing, you know, that that is all about elements of hormonal and estrogen metabolism, both in men and women. And all a lot of that strain is from you know, toxicity, I. E. The chemical soup in which we are steeped all the time. Even I who, you know, try to eat organic, etcetera etcetera.

I am wearing clothes. They’re not made of organic cotton. They’re, you know, probably full of microplastics, and I’m sitting on a pieces furniture that probably has those components and using, you know, cozy throw blankets. I do have some EMF blocking blankets here off to the side that I forgot to put over my abdomen. So, you know, we’re we’re gonna do the best that we can with what we have.

But the more information we have, the more that we can bring awareness and consciousness, to our decisions and the way that we can take care of our body for optimum health. So please reach out and tell me your experience with these tingling and pulsing auditory phenomenon. In tinnitus, which we’re gonna definitely circle back to probably many times in the future because it’s so incredibly common. Have a beautiful day. Hope this helped.

Thank you so much for listening to the end. I’m so honored you spent this time with me and I’m so excited to hear about your journey and your experience finding miracles in your life and healing your body uh as well as anything else, you’d like to share. A great way to get in touch with me is to send me a DM on instagram. That’s where I’m most active. And you can find me at Amy Leigh Mercree on instagram. You can find all kinds of info about me, my work, my 17 books and counting on my website Amy Leigh Mercree dot com. And I’d love to hear from you on any of those channels and I hope that you’ve gained value from our work here today and that your life is enhanced and that you feel great because that’s what I want for you to feel good all of the time. Have a beautiful rest of your day or night.