Episode 6: The Truth about Lightworkers, Masculine Energy and Feminine Energy

In this episode of Happily Holistic, Amy Leigh Mercree speaks with George Lizos. George is the best-selling author of Lightworkers Gotta Work: The Ultimate Guide to Following Your Purpose and Creating Change in the World.

George Lizos is a lightworker who has dedicated his life to find others and guide them to their calling. He shares with us some of his journey through the difficult obstacles and how he overcame them. George opens up about his personal journey through mental health and sexuality.

In this podcast, George introduces us to the meaning of a lightworker. Find out how to light the spark that changes a thinker to a lightworker. You might be surprised to find out how history has been shaped by the roles of these incredible lightworkers as George gives us some valuable information covered in his book Lightworker Gotta Work.

The pair break down the issues with a patriarchal society and its implications on people. They talk about the importance of accepting the masculine and feminine powers that lie unbalanced and untapped in many. We learn about the power of balancing energies and where to find them.

Later in the podcast, George lays out his three-step plan on how to begin living a successful and balanced life.

Together, they guide us through some difficult topics and teach us how to break free of the misconceptions surrounding spiritual people.

Listen to Amy and George as they discuss the incredible power of nature and find out why it is important to connect with it. Wait until the end of the podcast to find out why tree hugging can be beneficial.