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Spring 2017 was a challenging one for me. It was a time that cracked my heart wide open. I was cruising along living my life and thinking things were pretty good when after a weekend away I returned home to receive the news that my husband wanted a divorce. I was shocked. Some of you have the book he and I co-wrote and if you followed me at the time you know that we appeared to be an ideal match.

I was utterly heartbroken. Absolutely devastated. As I am sure many of you have experienced, you get married believing it will be forever. How many of you have had your heart broken? It’s most of us!

When you marry, you feel romantic and like anything is possible. You’re riding high on the chemicals of love. You believe in happily ever after. And when it doesn’t end up how you expected, your world is forever changed.

A Blessing in Disguise

For me, the floodgates of grief opened pretty quickly. Which, as a medical intuitive for the past 17 years, I can tell you was a blessing. Because tears are always better out than in – for health of all kinds. Life was demanding I dive deeply into self-compassion like never before. I had to walk my talk. My emotional health and survival were going to depend on it. So I did. I was as gentle with myself as I could be. I kept the news private for a time. Just telling family and close friends. I started to receive extra healing guidance from my spirit guides– I felt held by them.

I also knew that I could choose to make an effort to help myself heal. So, I ordered and read the book Conscious Uncoupling several times. I got out in nature, exercised, I called friends. Finally, I let my support system in out of compassion for myself. And I worked at trying to be tender with myself, to be kind to myself, and it worked. It helped. I made the effort, for me. Small, conscious choices to show up for myself paid large dividends.

I share this because it’s what I want for each and every one of you, I want you to truly understand how perfect and beautiful you are whether you’ve made mistakes, regardless of how much money you make, or whether you got dumped or dumped on; I want you to show up for yourself. You are extraordinary and your trials and tribulations will lead you to victory through vulnerability. I’m living proof. And so are each of you. You are here. You’re strong even if life has knocked you down.

Practicing Automatic Writing to connect with Spirit Guides

Because I was not in bed with my ex-husband each night I was able to get back to my old, long term practice of automatic writing. Automatic writing is when you allow a spirit guide to right through your hand to deliver you a message. Some people call it spirit writing. I certainly did plenty of automatic writing when I was married but not in bed before turning off the light. You can learn this technique in my 4-week immersive Teleclass Meet Your Guides.

For many years, when I lived alone and was either single or had a boyfriend, I used automatic writing a lot at night before bed. I got back into that this and it was so refreshing. That nightly connection with my spirit guides really got me through the heartbreak and the changes. My guides shared many things with me in those writings. Things that helped me understand why the separation was the right thing. Things that shaped my upcoming life path. They explained the spiritual mechanics of the relationship to me in a way I had never seen before.

They also helped me prepare and get ready for a new romance when the time came. I had a very close, personal relationship with my spirit guides previously. But I was really able to rely on these spirit guides and lean into them in those months and even now years since I got divorced.

Messages from Spirit Guides

Many nights before bed I still practice automatic writing to connect with my spirit guides. Sometimes on the weekends I do so in the morning when I wake up instead. My guides share so many beautiful, poignant messages with me daily. Through this connection with my spirit guides I have written several books including A Little Bit of Goddess, which came out in the fall of last year. I was so happy that life brought me this opportunity to connect with my guides because these goddesses and I have been best pals for many years. Many of the guides I automatic write with each night are goddesses. I will share one of their recent messages with you.

This is a message from the goddess Danu. She shared it with me but it applies to all of us:

You are the light, you are energy interwoven with matter, you are a part of an interconnected whole and yet you are an individual, to be sure. Your contributions in this dimension in this incarnation are important. You’re a critical piece of the puzzle. You are a key as is everyone incarnated on this earth at this time. That means people, animals, plants, all sentient beings. Because, as you know, everything is a lie that also includes everything incarnated in this universe and really all the universes. That means every galaxy supercluster, every quasar, every unit of dark matter, everything is alive.

As you know, we always instruct you to rest in this understanding. Feel this interconnection. Everything that happens in your life is indeed an out-picturing of your inner world. Scrub it clean. And yet accept it for what it is. Perhaps you’re perfect exactly as you are? Have you thought of that? No need to force yourself or change. No need to listen to a culture that tells you to be different. Work more. You work too much. Earn more money. Don’t earn too much or you might not be able to marry the guy you want. Look a certain way. All of these messages could just bounce off you.

You can just be you. Exactly as you are. Embrace who you are at this moment. If you’re annoyed or irritated that’s okay, if you’re happy that’s okay, if you’re imperfect; to us you’re perfect. Relax your heart and take the pressure off yourself. Just be.

How to connect with your own Spirit Guides

If you’re interested in connecting with your spirit guides, I urge you to take my introductory class Meet Your Guides. This is one of my favorite classes to teach because I love helping you build your own spiritual skills to consult with your spirit guides whenever you want and I want more people to have access to this.

To find meditations to forge your own connection to a goddess, check out my book A Little Bit of Meditation for easy to follow instructions into meditation.

For a complete, informative, and fun introduction to the world of goddesses, check out my book A Little Bit of Goddess 

Have you met your spirit guides? I wrote a blog about what it’s like to meet them for the first time. Check it out here!