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The Key to Powerful Dating is Self-Love

What does it really mean to be empowered?

Confident. Secure. Self-assured. Yes, but also striving, learning, seeking to grow. And even more than that, there can be vulnerability in empowerment. In fact, there can be anything within an empowered person because the essence of empowerment is self-acceptance. The key to powerful dating is self-love.

 A person who accepts herself can learn confidence and happiness. Because contentment starts with caring for yourself and accepting yourself exactly as you are. It’s a powerful idea – to care for yourself. To step out of the constant urging by your environment to not accept yourself, your body, your feelings, your life. You can choose instead to see your true self: your inner beauty, your quirks, your flaws, your uniqueness, all of who you are. That is what it takes to become empowered – self-acceptance.


From there, cultivate self-love. Self-love is the key to satisfying love life! Strengthen yourself to attract the best dates and have the most fun! Choose you! It is always all about you – even when it is about your dating life. Everything improves when you deal self-love into the game. Your life grows more meaningful when you love yourself and that includes your love life.

By loving yourself you take the need out of dating. Instead, you are happy and fulfilled on your own. And a great date or relationship is just the icing on the cake. With a healthy level of self-love, you guarantee your own overall happiness – dates or no. That same self-love transforms you into a compelling and alluring prospective date. At the beginning of dating and relationships an air of self-reliance and a bit of mystery makes you super interesting. Guys and girls love when you have your own life and are happy, especially emotionally healthy guys and girls. Your presence enhances their fulfilling life and vice versa and then you have a healthy relationship.

Treasure Yourself

Second, you must treasure yourself. You can create a happy, healthy life by remembering that you are special, precious, a treasure of true beauty – that’s you!

If you treasure yourself, you know you can trust yourself. You know that you are going to make great decisions that honor you. In that way, you can feel emotionally safe. You can create that for yourself. And in treasuring yourself you are giving your being the message that you are worthy of respect and kindness.

Worthy of Respect

Third, you must consider your dates to be worthy of respect and kindness. If you can’t see your date as a treasure, then he or she is not the right person for you. You can create a pleasurable, loving relationship by remembering your partner is a treasure and not settling for a partner who doesn’t see that you are a treasure.

How does she treat you on the date? Does he open doors? Is she really listening and is she fully present? Does he treat you with complete respect? Those are starting points to determine if he sees you and himself as worthy or respect and kindness. Listen to your intuition. You will be able to sense the vibe pretty easily and quickly.

If your date does not clearly see you for the treasure you are, move on. Choose a fun night out with friends instead or go to an art opening or yoga workshop. Cherish your specialness and hold out for that in any potential relationships. The fact is, you are a treasure and being single is fun and free and infinitely more attractive than being coupled with the wrong guy. Make choices that support how wonderful you are. And if you do not believe that you are wonderful, fake it till you make it. Because in truth, you are. Just by being alive.

Empower yourself with self-love

It is a level of internal self-acceptance that creates true feelings of emotional safety. This is crucial if you are going to be ready for an emotionally mature partnership with your soul mate. So, empower and accept yourself today, you treasure!