3 Tips For An Emotionally Healthy and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Some of us dread Valentine’s Day and equate it with disappointment or feeling lonely.  Yes, it is a highly commercialized holiday, but so is Christmas, and even Easter.  So why not put aside the past bad Valentine’s Days and the commercialization and celebrate it for what it really is: a celebration of love in all its forms.

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate love!

Here are three tips for an emotionally healthy and happy Valentine’s Day for everyone: single, coupled, or anything in between.


Make Valentine’s Day an extended celebration of feeling good.  Start today and extend your V Day celebration through the week.  Take a luxurious bubble bath and then watch your favorite movie.  Go to a warm, balmy greenhouse at your local botanic garden and treat yourself to fragrant flowers and a faux tropical interlude.  Go ice fishing and then have a delicious hot chocolate.  Do whatever is a luxurious treat for you!

2 ~ Have fun!

On Valentine’s Day have dancing, expansive fun!  If you’re coupled do that with your partner.  If not, seek out some single girlfriends and let loose!  Have a karaoke party!  Grab some girlfriends, go to the local Goodwill and set a five dollar spending limit.  Give everyone ten minutes to find the most outrageous outfit.  Then go for chocolate martinis at the swankiest martini bar in town dressed in your eccentric finds.  Mix it up!
If you find yourself in the position where all of your friends are coupled and you are not (been there!) try meetup.com to find some other fancy free ladies.

3 ~ Make a commitment to you!

Right now, list something you can do this week to demonstrate to yourself how wonderful, sacred, and worthy you are.  Some examples are: taking the time for a nice, long, relaxing walk or finally using your new art materials or signing up for the yoga class you’ve been craving.  Whatever it is for you, make a commitment to do it today!

Happy Valentine’s Day, you sacred, beautiful ‘Spiritual Girl!’

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