Never Had a Boyfriend ~ No Worries!


Dear Amy, I am 24 years old and I’ve never had a boyfriend. I am a spiritual person and I have been doing a lot of work on myself. I’ve had healings and I talk with my guides but I’m having a hard time. Growing up I was made fun of for being fat or […]

The Most Sensual Thing You Can Do


Here is the most sensual thing you can do. It’s time to put the sexy back in spiritual.  Here is the truth, you are a spiritual being with an amazing amount of vital life force flowing through you.  It’s unlimited, really and truly.  And depending upon your degree of awareness of that universal life energy, […]

How to Write Your Own Amazing Wedding Vows


Your wedding is approaching and whether it is just the two of you on an island, a huge formal event, or something in between, the time to write your wedding vows has come.  Some of us can’t wait to declare our love for our new spouse but we just aren’t sure how to go about […]

The Triple Infinity Technique


The Triple Infinity technique is loosely adapted from Taoist spiritual practices. The Triple Infinity Technique: Have your guy sit cross-legged up against a wall with several large pillows behind his back. This can be on the bed or a clean carpeted floor.  Have him reach behind his back and raise the pillow up off the […]

Should I Marry My Twin Flame?


Everything in the universe is conspiring to bring your soul mate to your door step!  Life and the synchronistic forces that make deja vu and fortunate coincidences happen is wired to bring soul mates and soul families together.  Whether you believe in fate or destiny, your life will propel you toward learning experiences and other […]

3 Tips For An Emotionally Healthy and Happy Valentine’s Day!


Some of us dread Valentine’s Day and equate it with disappointment or feeling lonely.  Yes, it is a highly commercialized holiday, but so is Christmas, and even Easter.  So why not put aside the past bad Valentine’s Days and the commercialization and celebrate it for what it really is: a celebration of love in all […]

How to Have an Abundant Love Life


If you are reading this article you have access to the internet and most likely a safe place that is quiet enough for you to indulge in some reading for entertainment and personal enhancement.  You have time to devote to leisure and recreational activities including reading.  You are rich compared to much of the population […]

Five Passionate Things To Do With Your Honey During A Snow Storm

couple cuddling

The weather outside feels sub-zero and the snow is falling.  If you find yourself lucky enough to have a “snow day” or snow night with your sweetie, take advantage of the great bonding time and have some fun!  All the better if the electricity is out and you are snuggling by fire or candlelight. Here […]

The Key to Powerful Dating is Self-Love

What does it really mean to be empowered? Confident. Secure. Self-assured. Yes, but also striving, learning, seeking to grow. And even more than that, there can be vulnerability in empowerment. In fact, there can be anything within an empowered person because the essence of empowerment is self-acceptance. The key to powerful dating is self-love.  A […]

Spiritual Dating Is The New Sexual Revolution

couple hugging in field

The Old Way of Dating It used to be it was a desirable thing to go out and assert your power and independence by having whatever sexual experiences you felt like.  Things have changed for many of the people who felt that way. They have taken up yoga or meditation and have gone green. They have […]