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Atomic Healing Audio: Activate Your Intuition

Program yourself to relax into your extra sensory perceptions and trust. Amplify deep-level understandings and allow your intuitive abilities to open and strengthen. Open to new thoughts and ideas and expand your consciousness. Open to the unseen world and begin to feel, sense, and know the infinite trillions of non-physical, benevolent, high vibrational spirit guides that surround you.

Atomic Healing Subliminal: Activate Your Intuition

This approximately 50 minute MP3 contains meditation music over a powerful subatomic particle activation process followed by an invocation for your highest good and an array of high frequency affirmative statements to activate your intuition. You will have changed your brain and changed your life. It is designed to be listened to in the background of your daily life to deeply program you with empowering affirmations to upgrade your frequency to create your desires.

Inner Child Mini Meditation from Emma Mildon

Take a minute to connect with your inner child in this gentle introduction to inner child connection. Sit with yourself and tune into your young wounds and wishes. Be reminded of your true self, your purpose, your learnings. Wither it is to be reminded to play, heal something buried, return to a place of joy, or simply spend time with your inner child.

Intuition Starter Kit From George Lizo

Do you aspire to be a professional intuitive reader or healer, but you’re just starting out developing your intuitive abilities? I’ve created this guide just for you. I’ve put together my top practices for beginners to help you awaken and develop your intuition, so you can get started on your path to becoming a great intuitive.

Realignment Kit From Author Sherianna Boyle

A quick pick me up for the person who might feel a little low on energy, distracted, unmotivated or stuck.

Healing the Throat Meditation by Hannah Wallace

A throat healing meditation to heal the throat chakra and to reclaim your voice. In a world where there’s so much mixed messaging, this healing journey helps you ground and reconnect to your throat. So many of us have difficulty finding our voice and modulating; this meditation helps with that.

"Step 1: Stretch Your Comfort Zone" from Kate Eckman's The Full Spirit Workout: A 10-Step System to Shed Your Self-Doubt, Strengthen Your Spiritual Core, and Create a Fun & Fulfilling Life

Mind-body-spirit exercises to empower you to break through blocks, build inner strength, and accomplish your goals.

Your Which Witch Guide by Deganit Nuur

A Modern Mystics Guide to Enhancing Your Gifts and Walking Your Light!

You’ll learn your archetype and the best practices to honor it, strengthen your gifts, increase your authenticity and be the bright light you were born to be

Plant Meditation Music by Rohini Moradi

Embark on a serene journey with ‘Plant Meditation Music’ a special binaural and theta wave meditation track. Infused with calming frequencies, this track is designed to harmonize your mind and spirit, aiding deep meditation and relaxation. Experience the tranquil blend of binaural beats and soothing sounds, crafted to guide you into a state of profound inner peace. Perfect for your daily meditation practice or whenever you need a moment of tranquility.

Clear to Receive Meditation by Athena Laz

A soothing guided meditation by Athena Laz.

Lisa Fraley's Legal Guide to Strong Refund Policies

If you’re a business owner, you need a solid refund policy. But is yours legally strong – or are there gaping holes? In this guide, find out if your refund policy will hold up. You’ll also learn what can happen when you DON’T have anything to fall back on if someone asks you for a refund, how to avoid being “legally naked” and how to take one easy legal step to reduce your risk of losing money in your business.

Ritual Alchemy Guide for Your Wild Liberation by Jen Wyatt

Use this in-depth ritual guide to shed outdated patterns and connect to the wild truth of your own soul. Using the framework of the seven chakras in a completely innovative way, your Ritual Alchemy Guide includes transformational and sacred rituals, nature ceremonies, creative practices, and guided journeys to unleash your untamed essence. Shed Your Skin. Reveal Your Truth. Wander Free.

Four Rules for Chasing Your Dreams by Jillian Abby

A simple but powerful guide to get through your blocks and go after your dreams, including two visualization exercises. This digital download was inspired by a speech that Hay House author, Jillian Abby, gave to her son’s fifth grade class.

The Angel Numbers Meditation by Novalee Wilder

In this 18-minute meditation, Professional Numerologist Novalee Wilder guides you through grounding and affirming your ability to connect to your higher power. You will meet your spiritual support circle and step into the version of you that sees angel numbers and the messages behind them clearly.

Higher Help 911 Directory by Tammy Mastroberte

When you need help to make a decision, manifest positive change or find a solution to a problem, the first thing to do is all in Higher Help! This Higher Help 911 directory shares the top “higher helpers,” or angels, anscended masterd, goddesses and more to call in for the top 7 life areas, including money, health, emotional healing, relationships, career and purpose, parenting and spiritual connection. Get the answers and guidance you need fast!

Refer the Book to a Friend

You and Your Friend Both Get a Free Guided Meditation Enter Your Friend’s Name and Email Below to Get Access