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Your deceased loved ones are ready to share messages of love and hope. Separation is an illusion and soul family is forever. Take the next step with me through mediumship and learn what they want to communicate.


Soul family connection is eternal!


I’m glad you’re here. I’ve experienced the loss of friends and family. I’ve felt the grief, the poignancy, the confusion, the existential questioning of “why?” I have spent multitudinous time and mental space trying to make sense of the mechanics of incarnation and the reasons for accidents and illnesses. I’ve wondered why do souls choose to come in? And, especially, why do they leave when they do?

These existential questions began for me in childhood, and by the time I was in high school, I longed to understand the fabric of seen and unseen reality. I have always been aware of spirits and communicated with them from an early age. As I began my path of service and learned from my medicine teacher, I learned how to do so safely, consistently, and accurately. This is a cornerstone of my medical intuitive work. It is also why I have been talking with my clients’ deceased loved ones for over 20 years.

I know loss can be hard. You wish you didn’t feel uncertain. Whether you’ve been worried about if a loved one suffered. Or, you’ve been struggling to work and maintain normalcy while grieving. Or, you are disillusioned with duality. Or, you have so many questions about the afterlife and if there even is such a thing. Maybe you sought counseling or read books, both great starts, but those tools didn’t help you make sense of living and dying or find a resolution. Your emotional heart is still weary.

I want you to feel good again. I want to help you unlock all of the incredible wisdom that your deceased loved ones want to impart. You know they are still in existence. And, your higher self knows that you are infinitely connected to your loved ones. It is all available to you. My job as your medium is to be a messenger, so you can align with your joy, eternal connection to spirit, and talk with those on the other side. 

Through mediumship, we will partner to talk directly to your deceased loved one and ancestors: beings who love you unconditionally, now, from beyond earth. They have an expanded view of your life and all realities. They will show us the easiest, quickest, most efficient path for you to feel good again. They will help us answer your questions, find closure and peace, and move forward. 

These same guides will get easier to hear. They will be closer because you will have given them permission to be. You will have learned how to ask them for help and made a deeper connection with them. You will be aligned with your spirit team and your inner guidance in a new way, and you will rebuild your life to one that you love. Thereby creating a life that feels good in your body and makes you smile every day.

When we experience pain or suffering, it is an opportunity to realign with pleasure and joy.

Take that next step with me. 





Hear from your family and friends on the other side of the veil. Reveal understanding and wisdom.


Discover what your soul family wants to share now that they have an expanded view of reality. Let them help you improve your life.


Learn what signs your loved ones are sending you and how to increase and notice them.

feeling called to journey with me?



session description

These are two-hour group video chat experiences with a maximum of eight people. 

The way a mediumship session begins is I say an opening invocation, which is adapted from something shared with me by my late medicine teacher about 25 years ago. It invites your highest vibrational spirit guides to participate in the session. These may be ancestors, angelic guides, or other benevolent nonphysical beings. 

After the invocation, I open the session to your deceased loved ones. They enter and share their opening messages. Everyone in the group receives messages for a roughly equal portion of the session.  

Next, you will have an opportunity to ask questions of one or more of your deceased loved ones and ancestors. Everyone in the group has a chance to participate in this part of the reading. The group format is supportive and enlightening because many of the messages for others in the group will resonate for you, too. These groups draw together in synchronistic and divine ways. 

You walk away with answers, closure, and an expanded perspective of reality.


Upcoming Small Group Mediumship Sessions will be held on:
Tues, August 23, 2022 from 4-6 pm EST


*To book a private session for your family group, you may email Amy’s team at for availability.

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