Five Passionate Things To Do With Your Honey During A Snow Storm

The weather outside feels sub-zero and the snow is falling.  If you find yourself lucky enough to have a “snow day” or snow night with your sweetie, take advantage of the great bonding time and have some fun!  All the better if the electricity is out and you are snuggling by fire or candlelight.

Here are Five Passionate Things To Spice Up A Snowy Day and Night:

1) Play strip charades. 

Grab a pen and some card-sized scraps of paper.  Each of you gets three cards to start.  Without showing your partner write down three fun categories for your charades game.  Some examples are celebrities, songs, movies, foods, sports.  Place all of the cards face down on the table, floor, or bed.  Mix ‘em up.  Choose who is acting first, the other person is guessing.  The actor chooses a category from the spread out face down cards, reads it aloud, and acts out something they come up with that fits the category.  If the person guessing cannot guess the answer, they remove an item of clothing and place the card in a discard pile.  If they guess the answer they keep the card for later.  Take turns until all of the cards are done.  Whoever ends up with the most cards gets to choose one of the discarded cards for the other player to act out one more charade, but first, they remove any remaining clothes.  If the person guesses correctly they get to choose any passionate thing they would like their partner to do to them.  If they do not guess correctly, the actor can choose any passionate thing they would like the other to do to them.  So really, everybody wins with this game.

2) Brave a moonlight snow walk.

Put on your snow clothes and go outside together.  Run, slide, play, jump into snowbanks, make snow angels.  Then when you are either too cold or tired out from playing, run inside, turn on the hottest bath you can stand, strip off everything and see how quickly you can climb in the tub together.  The hot and cold contrast will really invigorate and relax you both.

3) Have your own wintery Iron Chef competition.

Who can come up with the best hot drink using anything in the kitchen?  Each of you makes two glasses of your concoction.  When you’re done, wait to taste test.  Take turns blindfolding each other and carefully helping your partner sip one then the other beverage and guess what is in each and which one they made.  Just test the temperature first before they sip.  Afterward, curl up together with your two hot toddies and enjoy.

4) Trade winter-themed massages.

Both of you get naked.  Begin with a foot rub with peppermint oil or lotion.  Then wash your hands.  Next, have your partner close their eyes and hold one then another different fragrant lotions or oils near their nose.  Let them pick by aroma which one they want to be rubbed all over them.  Then trade and return the favor.  You activate each other’s senses through smell and touch and get to relax and de-stress from the week.

5) Steam up your bed!

Heat large, smooth river stones in your tub filled with hot water.  Test the temperature first, then place them under the covers on your bed.  Let the sheets warm up so they are steamy.  Then shed your clothes and dive into bed together.  Go all the way under the covers like you’re in a tent.  Then, go all the way.

(If you don’t have river stones handy you can also place your bedding in the dryer on high for about fifteen minutes, then quickly remake the bed.)

Get passionate and enjoy!

And don’t worry, if you happen to get caught in a snow storm without your sweetie, treat yourself! You can take this amazing goddess bath or create your own spa night foot scrub…or both!