Four Self Compassion Exercises to Find Happiness

There are better ways of making yourself happy than guzzling down a box of chocolates on your own while watching a chick flick and measuring your partner up against impossible standards. We are talking about the happiness that’s permanent and the happiness that lasts! If you lead your life with compassion, your soul, body, and mind will follow through with the transformation. It’s accessible through our own thoughts and surroundings. Happiness doesn’t need to be bought and we can’t rely on others to make us happy as this will just lead to disappointment. Embracing a compassion-filled you is the only way to seek true happiness. There are many self compassion exercises that can be used to help re-focus your mind on self care and internal compassion.

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.” -Dalai Lama

Your route to compassion and happiness lies within your own mind and own surroundings. No matter where you are in life you can achieve compassion and happiness. Below are are few easy suggestions to help you on your way. Let’s begin immediately by saying to yourself, “I choose to be compassionate today.” Compassion can be a choice. Now, let’s explore a few self compassion exercises you can practice on your own.

1. Nature walks – a wonderful source of peace and calm

If Mother Nature were a doctor, she would prescribe nature walks as a necessity to happiness. Self-compassion mandates that an individual take care of herself. Walking or exercising in nature or your closest accessible green surroundings promotes not only your physical health but your mental health too. In fact, it’s scientifically proven! In a study conducted that tested two groups’ cortisol levels, one group partaking in a city walk, one doing a nature walk. The findings demonstrated that the experience of walking through the forest reduced the participants’ levels of cortisol, the body’s stress hormone, to a greater extent than did the city walk. Proof that nature makes you happy.

Taking in the beautiful surroundings, green grass and natural wonderment of the earth is uplifting for the heart, body and soul. It is especially helpful if you have had a stressful day or are feeling a little lost spiritually, the overwhelming sense of happiness, peace, and tranquility you can experience from nature walks is incredible. If you feel your crown or third eye chakras may be blocked, a nature walk is a perfect remedy for unblocking them and letting happiness flow through your energy body. Being kind with yourself, by allowing a mental break proves to cathartic.

2. Exercising is for happy people and happy people exercise!

Exercise releases endorphins and of course endorphins make you happy! What are endorphins? They are peptides that activate the body’s opiate receptors, causing an analgesic effect, therefore, giving you the feeling of happiness. Exercise doesn’t just make you happy on a scientific level but also on a spiritual one.

Getting out into new environments to exercise can work wonders for your peace of mind and can release tension. Followed by a sea salt bath you have the perfect remedy for peace, happiness, and all-round aura cleansing. Exercise is also superb for your heart chakra and makes enhances later meditations. Have you thought about exercising in the beautiful outdoors? A study found that those who exercised outdoors as opposed to inside on a treadmill reported a greater intent to repeat their routine. This means if you exercise outdoors regularly you will reap the rewards of a healthier, fitter body as well as a healthy happy mind!

3. Treat yourself

Sometimes you deserve a little pampering and this route to happiness sure won’t let you down. You don’t need to buy happiness or search the world to find it, sometimes it lies in the form of a hot relaxing sea salt bath in your own home so try this for an indulgent, sensual night in. Run a hot bath, using a non-toxic oil burner burn some natural lavender oil as your bath runs.
Lavender oil helps to eliminate nervous tension, and also helps to cleanse your aura so this is a great way to cultivate your self-compassion and allow happiness in! A delightful salt-water bath will cleanse your aura and rid your mind and body of negativity while the organic mix of salts will nourish your skin. Use unrefined sea salt of pink Himalayan salt. And, did you know that salt bad provide your body with much-needed magnesium via your skin. Magnesium is a muscle relaxant and decreases anxiety. And some studies show that 80% of Americans are deficient in it.

4. Care for your chakras

When your chakras are happy, balanced, and unblocked your mind body and spirit will be happy. Putting a little effort into caring for your chakras will only benefit you. Invest in or source a chakra crystal, it’s an easy way to enjoy some light chakra balancing. Blue kyanite is an excellent choice. All you need to do is keep this pretty little gem on your person and it will automatically align and balance your chakras. This precious stone will keep you balanced, help you meditate and provide you with cleansing on the go. Make sure that you cleanse it daily in sunlight, moonlight, sea salt in a bowl, or even water. Ask it what it would like for a bath. You will sense it may feel like sunbathing or want to be on the earth in your yard. If you’re interested in learning more about chakras, check out my blog post on an Intro to Chakras.

Unblock your chakras, treat your mind and body to a salt bath, or go out and enjoy a nature walk and inhale the fresh air and beautiful sights. Simply put, DO something positive for yourself and you’ll feel positive again!

For more self-compassion exercises, and information on harnessing the power of compassion, check out my book The Compassion Revolution.