Insta-Love – Fantasy or Reality?

Fairy tales and romcoms often tell us stories of two people meeting, sharing a look, and falling deeply in love for life.  These stories ignite our hearts with the hope of a love so vast and all-encompassing that we feel like we found our missing piece. Who can forget the much-quoted Jerry Maguire line, “You complete me.”  So is insta-love real?heart

Why does a soul part of us innately seek completion from another instead of finding it within?  Perhaps, we are really seeking the divine outside of ourselves instead of delving into the truth that it was within all along.

That being said, I believe in love at first sight! 

I believe in the unexplainable alchemy between souls.  I believe in the unknowable, sometimes undefinable strands that connect us in love to another whether we just met or have known each other for years.

universe There is a certain charge that can mean soul level familiarity and oftentimes when we feel it, we know.  Frequently, it transcends the romantic connotation of soul mates and delves into the territory of soul friends and soul family.  How beautiful is it that we can have soul-deep caring in our lives from not only our romantic partners but from close friends and family.  We are all abundant of the heart if we choose to let love in.

With love at first sight, besides soul connection personal and chemical compatibility come into instantaneous play.  Personal compatibility can be as simple as liking one another and as complex as developing a communication style that resonates with both partners.

Sometimes in the first minutes of knowing someone this can click or not. 

I believe we can sense part of what may come with personal compatibility when we first see a person.  In reality, we are all immensely intuitive people and that intuition can contribute to our love at first sight experiences.

The ever-present, intensely complex world of chemical interaction between people is massively at play in insta-love scenarios.  Even from a distance we can imperceptibly smell our chemical compatibility with a potential partner and a complex cacophony of scents and pheromones pull us in or repel us instantly.

But what about the couples who meet virtually first? Do they get the chemical benefit of love at first sight?  Answering that question, at this point in time, is one hundred percent conjecture.  No studies have been done on the topic.  But, I’ll tell you my observation as a dating and relationship coach for the past fifteen years.  Sometimes, the chemical becomes the psychic and people receive the same cues at a distance as they do in person.  I have heard some pretty amazing stories of the psychic sense of smell affecting romance and attraction across the miles.

The real truth is that love, whether at first, or second, two hundredth sight is an unstoppable force of nature. 

Soul connected people magnetize each other at the right times in myriad magnificent ways.  Our hearts can be stirred and nourished from within and without and it is living in true abundance to graciously accept all the beauty that comes our way.  Love at first sight is real and it happens all the time. I call it insta-love!