Should I Marry My Twin Flame?

Everything in the universe is conspiring to bring your soul mate to your door step!  Life and the synchronistic forces that make deja vu and fortunate coincidences happen is wired to bring soul mates and soul families together.  Whether you believe in fate or destiny, your life will propel you toward learning experiences and other people who are part of your soul family.  This is because you and your soul family have similar vibrations or energetic charges and simply put, like attracts like. Many people ask… should I marry my twin flame?

Soul mates are members of your soul family.  You know these people, sometimes pets, on a level that is unexplainable.  You know that feeling you get upon meeting someone, like you’ve known them forever.  They feel like friends or family already.  These are soul mates and soul family.  They may have been romantic partners, family, or friends of yours before your current life.  Soul mates can make great friends and sometimes romantic life partners.

Lots of happily married couples are soul mates.  Oftentimes, these partnerships can be productive and long lasting.  Sometimes, soul mate relationships are major learning opportunities: like when a soul mate incarnates as a cheating ex or a difficult business partner.  More often than not, soul mate relationships are pleasant and when they are not they are going to bring you to an essential place of growth and learning.  Soul mate relationships are never futile.

What Are Twin Flames?

Imagine that within each person there is a sacred flame burning, made not of fire but of spirit. It is light at its highest manifestation. In some people it burns in the belly, some the solar plexus, and in many it burns right in the heart—the center of the chest. Wherever it is, this flame is your spark of divine individuality. It shapes you and guides you. It is your connection to the divine within. If you had a cosmic twin somewhere out there in the universe maybe his flame would be the same or similar. He might be your twin flame.

Mythology and popular culture provide lots of variations on the twin flame concept and this book will suggest another. Envision that each being’s sacred flame has a complementary flame somewhere with a complementary charge. Like two magnets or two sides of a coin, there is an opposite polarity and yet a mutually enhancing quality to these flames when they are together. They are inexplicably drawn to one another. They enhance each other and inspire each other. There may be more than one twin flame out there for each person.

How we find our Twin Flames

Oftentimes, these flames find each other without trying. Sometimes when they meet, they are harmonious and sometimes they combust. An example of harmony is Jeanne and her husband Micah from Chapter 9 of “The Spiritual Girl’s Guide to Dating”. They are twin flames who love each other deeply. Sometimes they push each other’s buttons, as twin flames are often wont to do, but most of the time they live in happy harmony.

A client we will call Judy met her twin flame in the form of a female coworker before she met her husband years later. Judy’s twin flame was Dallas. They were friends, with no romantic connection. However, it did feel like coming home and meeting your other half in a friend, Judy reports. Over six months Judy and Dallas became very close friends. Then just as suddenly, they combusted in a massive disagreement. It was an explosion of energy!  Judy was puzzled for a long time and sought out spiritual coaching from me to make sense of it all. Ultimately, what came out of the experience was a urging from the universe that her other half was out there. She got close with Dallas. It was meant to tell her the real thing was coming soon. The combusting was designed to show her what twin flames sometimes do. Through that process Judy decided to put her intention out to attract her divine complement, if he was on Earth. If not, she asked for a gentle, loving, calm twin flame or soul mate with whom she could live happily and harmoniously.

Divine Complements & Lifestreams

Divine Complements are twin flames on every level and in every fiber of their beings. To understand the full scope of the divine complement relationship you must first understand lifestreams.

Lifestreams are rays of soul light. They are strand-like fibers of pure soul energy and each one has a specific flavor or quality. Some people have one lifestream and some have many. It is neither better nor worse to have more or fewer lifestreams. It simply is, like red or blue, plums or pears—both good, just different.

Individual rays of soul light, or types of life streams, each have a unique essence or flavor. Identical lifestreams can exist in more than one being at a time. In people’s energy bodies, if there is more than one lifestream, they group together and form a bundle. This looks like a bundle of electrical wires that are made of light. They are held together in the bundle by the person’s soul energy and the person’s impetus to incarnate in a physical body. That soul energy serves as a unifying principle, a gravity-like force, and aligns the strands vertically.

Lifestreams as Energy

The bundle of vertical lifestream strands or a single vertical lifestream are like the spine of the soul body. The soul body is the layer of our energy body that is infused with our soul. It is woven into our physical body with its energetic spine aligned with our physical spine.

The same bundle is duplicated in miniature throughout every cell of the body on an etheric level near the DNA area of the cell. It is like a blueprint for the cell on an energetic level, much like our genes are a blueprint for our bodies on a physical level.

Spirit Flames

Our soul body also houses our sacred spirit flame (mentioned in the “Twin Flames” section earlier). A spirit flame is made of divine spirit and our lifestream(s). The spine-like lifestream(s) make up the “skeleton” of the soul flame and the divine spirit fire burns around it.

For a person who contains more than one lifestream, a twin flame may have one or more lifestreams in common and so their total flames are similar. They are not always exact, total twins.

People sometimes add lifestreams to their beings. This often occurs without their knowledge. It typically occurs due to spiritual expansion and emotional growth on a profound level. It is not a novel process, but a sacred act of soul growth that does happen. When this happens, relationships are affected only if:

1) it is a divine complement relationship and therefore, as we discuss more below, both people eventually end up adding the same lifestreams or

2) the person who adds the lifestream grows as person so immensely that their relationship needs to grow immensely too or be outgrown.

Lifestreams as Twin Flames

Each lifestream has a complement twin lifestream; it is the lifestream’s twin flame. There are duplicate lifestreams in different people and the same number of complementary twin lifestreams will exist, always. This is natural law.

Divine Complements each have the exact same lifestreams fully integrated into their beings. Human beings who are divine complements and are partnered with each other romantically and for the long-term sometimes add new lifestreams. In time, their divine complement adds to them as well. At those times, they are not exact matches but are so close that the energy and aligned dharma of divine complements remains. These beings have a soul agreement to partner as divine complements and so their soul growth process is supported by that. In that case, it is a given that the other person will “catch up” with lifestream additions.

An obvious example in popular culture of divine complements coming together played out under the close scrutiny of the paparazzi. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had a dramatic beginning literally subjected to the bright lights of the camera. While making the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith they met and felt the magnetic pull of divine complements that meet at the right time (even though with them it may not have seemed like the right time) and place and have made a soul agreement to join forces. Eventually they married their twin flame. In the end, we now know that they were not destined to be together, though they went on to live their lives in alignment with one another and to contribute a great deal of service to the planet

That is a common characteristic of divine complements: enhanced dharmic or life’s purpose world service lived with great joy.

Marrying a Twin Flame

Emotionally, you, like all humans, crave to show your true colors to a mate who loves and accepts you. Emotionally, your heart is wired to want The One. You are built to seek your spiritual soulmate. True love aligns you with your true self because you cannot find it if you are not your true, authentic self. You have to be real—the real thing—to find the real thing. It is the universe’s way of getting you (and all of us) to be authentic!

Love is the magnetic factor that pulls you to your soulmate and the glue that keeps you there. Love’s power is infinite. It heals anything. It is balm when you hurt and boosts your joy when you are happy. You must remember, love is made of spiritual and emotional energy combined into something amazing. It is what you look for when you date. It is what you will find many-fold when you give it to yourself.

For more information on Spiritual Dating check out my book “The Spiritual Girl’s Guide to Dating!”


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