Finding Inner Strength

Does all the “New Year, New You’ talk this time of year annoy you? Do you feel like you should join in because you need to be a new person? The old you isn’t enough? Does it piss you off and make you want to rebel against it? It’s time for finding inner strength!

Even if you reject the notion, odds are it does affect you a little bit. All of that extra advertising muscle is being devoted to telling you that you aren’t good enough how you are so that you will get out there and spend money. Messages like: “lose ten pounds to start the year off right” or “take years off your appearance today,” are happily thrown around even more blatantly than usual this time of year, all in the name of new year’s resolutions. All in the name of you buying the next miracle cure to make you worthy. But, wait, aren’t you already worthy?

Do you want to be the cliche “New Year, New You?” I hope your answer is, “heck, NO!” So, today, let’s make a new year’s anti-resolution. Let’s all vow to accept ourselves today and every day. Let’s love ourselves unconditionally and delete negative self-talk from our vocabularies. We need to find self-kindness within our hearts. Let’s all call for a more positive world today.

New Year, New Levels of Self Acceptance

Repeat these words aloud or in your mind now, “I am exactly right, exactly as I am. I am worthy of love, exactly as I am.”

Exactly as you are. Think about that on a deeper level. Weigh it against much of what the media tells you. It is challenging to feel this truth, that you are exactly right exactly as you are. Rate how hard it is for you to feel this way on a scale of zero to ten with zero being not hard at all and ten being almost impossible.

Keep repeating the phrase above, “I am exactly right, exactly as I am. I am worthy of love, exactly as I am.” And see if it gets easier to feel it’s truth within you.

Accepting yourself is essential to having a healthy self-esteem. Think of it as something that is crucial to your wellness. It’s just as important as brushing your teeth or eating healthful foods to fuel your body. Accept yourself today.

Replace the Superficial with Self Love 

You are lovable. Believe this, no matter your history, no matter what you are told. Know that you are worthy of love and that the first and most important place to get that love is from within you. If you seek love externally without an internal foundation of self-love, you will not find it because you will not be able to accept it. This is finding your inner strength.

You must love yourself to love another. And you must love yourself to have a healthy internal self-concept and healthy self-esteem. The bottom line is you have to love yourself to be truly healthy.

Do it today! Right now, wrap your arms around yourself in a big hug and say aloud, “I love myself. I love me.” Repeat it until you truly feel it. You are worth it.