Kim Kardashian Reportedly Dating Kanye West! When Friends Become More . . .

According to People Magazine this past Thursday, Kim and Kanye are dating!  The pair have been longtime friends and a close source reports that they are giving dating a go.  Supposedly Kanye has had a crush on Kim Kardashian for a while and even mentions her in a recent song.

Can longtime friends become successfully romantically involved?

DEFINITELY!  Many of the best relationships are born out of friendships.  And these two have lots in common including very high levels of notoriety, interest in fashion, and they both have a very glamourous image and vibe.  Maybe they can share their true selves privately in this relationship.  Only time will tell. . . .

The only big concern any dating coach might have is the short span of time between Kim’s separation from Kris Humphries and her taking up with Kanye.  Dating on the rebound can be a bad idea.  If we choose to take time to process the experience of one relationship before beginning another, oftentimes we have better results.  But we all know, sometimes life doesn’t happen that way.  Love and romance sometimes have a life of their own!

So, here’s to love in all of its mysterious glory!

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