Spiritual Dating Is The New Sexual Revolution

Spiritual dating is

The Old Way of Dating

It used to be it was a desirable thing to go out and assert your power and independence by having whatever sexual experiences you felt like.  Things have changed for many of the people who felt that way. They have taken up yoga or meditation and have gone green. They have chosen to live a more conscious and spiritual life.  And for those who are not married or in long term committed relationships that old way of dating and mating doesn’t feel right anymore. 

A quiet sexual revolution is happening and it is called Spiritual Dating.  You may be already doing it and not even know it.  Or you may be seeking a new, more conscious way to experience your love life and Spiritual Dating is your answer. 

Spiritual Dating

Spiritual Dating means dating as if all people are sacred.  Imagine that.  What would that be like?  In this case, sacred means special, a treasure, and worthy of respect and kindness.  The tenets of Spiritual Dating apply in three ways.


You are sacred.  Picture dating as if you are sacred.  What would that be like?  You would be recognizing your specialness and feeling confident in that accepting only dates that resonated for you and not put yourself in situations that didn’t feel right.  You would honor and respect the specialness of your body, and it would transform your sex life and encourage major discernment as far as partners go.  In short, you would be on your way to creating emotional safety for yourself.

Your Dates

Your dates are sacred.  Each potential date you meet is a sacred being.  He or she may not be the right person for you.  In the case of your exes, they may not even have been good people for you to date; but they are all sacred.  Your behavior in this case would change because if someone asked you on a date you would see them as sacred and treat them with kindness, even if you said no to the date.  And if after a few dates you weren’t feeling it, you’d be kind but honest and straight with them and tell them so they could move on.  You’d be behaving with an extra high standard of integrity.  Therefore, you would also be more likely to magnetically attract dates with that same high standard for their own behavior.

Being Seen

People you date must see you and themselves as sacred.  That means they are doing the above too!  For your sex life, this is the revolution!  You and your potential partner see each other as worthy of respect and kindness and as special, sacred people and that is the only way you choose to share intimacy.  This one change can transform your entire love life.  Really give some thought to how that could apply in your life.  It may not be easy but it is far more satisfying and it creates an internal environment of self-trust and self-love.  Your actions will even be demonstrating to your body how sacred you are!  That conscious choice can actually resolve health issues in the reproductive and whole body arenas. 

Spiritual dating and sacred sexuality are a sexual and spiritual evolution.  Have you already started down this path?  Share your stories and ask your questions here in the comments section.