The Birthday Gift: A Fairytale for Adults

I am super excited to share a short film with you guys that I wrote and produced!
Birthday Gift Poster Compressed (512x640)

Filmmakers, Chad and Amy Leigh Mercree, created “The Birthday Gift: A Fairytale for Adults” to share the positive message that kindness can change the world.
In the short film, Celeste is down on her luck but her thirtieth birthday changes everything. She is suddenly thrust into a supernatural world she never imagined, or asked to be a part of, full of fairies, confusing magic, and her estranged, alcoholic father. As Celeste learns the truth about her past she ends up finding her authentic self.
Directed by: Chad Mercree * Written by: Amy Leigh Mercree * Starring: Christine Kobie, Jim Heffernan Jr., Amy Leigh Mercree, and Johnny Z. Maloney. * Promotional consideration by Adelheidi’s Organic Sweets * Produced by: Chad and Amy Leigh Mercree.

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