The Most Sensual Thing You Can Do

Here is the most sensual thing you can do. It’s time to put the sexy back in spiritual.  Here is the truth, you are a spiritual being with an amazing amount of vital life force flowing through you.  It’s unlimited, really and truly.  And depending upon your degree of awareness of that universal life energy, you feel alive, wide awake, and present.

Being present is one hundred percent necessary to feel sensual.

Being present is the most sensual thing you can do!  It’s how you notice what turns you on, whether it’s a lover’s touch as he brushes by you on the way to do the laundry, or the feeling of a warm breeze on your face, or a crazy thought that pops into your head.  Your senses can wake up and pay attention to things you might not have noticed and a beautiful thing happens – you further awaken to your body; and your heart can follow.

Your heart longs to be seen for its love and its sacred, special nature.  Everybody’s does.  It hopes in its quiet moments that someone will see the truth within and find it worthy of love.  When you are present to yourself something cool can happen, you can truly see yourself: flaws and strengths, and be captivated with your own unique colors.

Coming from the space of experiencing loving and caring for yourself and even allowing that self love to inform your behavior means that you are solid in who you are.  Thereby you become inherently, effortlessly confident and absolutely magnetic to the right people.  These right people can see your radiance and have experienced their own spiritual beauty too.

Imagine bringing two people in this space together to date and eventually be intimate.  Both people are emotionally mature and kind to themselves.  They are present.  As a bond grows and new things are discovered sexual tension grows too.  The more these two people honor each other and themselves, the more passionate energy flows between them.  It’s effortless and natural.  It’s simply energy moving back and forth as they get to know one another.

When the heart and the body get together and experience love, profoundly satisfying things can happen with a partner or even on your own.  Sex and love are best when intertwined in a erotic dance.  That’s when things can get cosmic.  You can connect in spirit this way and love can be experienced in myriad intoxicating forms.

So, how can you feel truly present? 

This question is asked by people from all walks of life, of every age, in all kinds of ways like: “How can I feel more alive?” “How do I get my mojo back?” (If your Austin Powers.)

Start simple.  With the palms of your hands, start at the soles of your feet and rub briskly moving up your legs and body and repeat aloud or in your mind, “I am here now.  I am present.”  And just feel what it is like to be fully in your body.  Really bring your awareness to that experience.

Now try to bring your conscious awareness to your feet, really inhabit them.  Then do this with your feet and legs.  Then be present your feet up through your torso bringing your awareness all the way to the tips of your fingers.  And then from your feet all the way to the top of your head – your entire body.  Can you feel your entire body simultaneously?  You might feel this awareness like a pulsing or a tingling.

What if you got into that deeply present place and then explored the sensual, whether solo or with a loving partner in the same state of awareness.  Would everything be richer and more intense?  Do you think you experience sensations and pleasure in a new way?  Would your soul feel fed to know you are seeing your sacredness and if a partner is involved he or she is too?  Give it a try and find out!