Where in the World Is My True love?

Single, spiritual, kind, caring, evolved, trustworthy, fun – those were some of the qualities I searched for in a potential partner.  After fourteen years of searching, I was tired.  My search had yielded plenty of guys who had some of those qualities but not my guy.  Not my true love and true partner. Not my soul mate.

datingSo… I took a dating sabbatical. 

For one year, I focused on me.  What did I want to do?  How did I want to live?  Complete autonomy.  And I loved it.  I truly did.  Sure, sometimes I felt lonely but I am blessed with amazing friends and family so it was always short lived.

The most powerful thing I did during that time was regularly infuse my being with pure white light.  Life force.  My health flourished.  My creativity bloomed.  Everything raised in vibratory frequency.  And I was as patient as I could be.

Then one night I dreamed of a man made of the same pure white light.  I knew it was him, and I went to work clearing any old issues.  I healed family relationships that needed it.  And when he arrived, I was ready.

Being proactive and doing all of the healing and preparing is crucial but the one thing we can’t consciously manipulate is timing.  Timing is divine.  It springs from universal energy and is self-regulating and self-correcting.  For people looking for deep, spiritual love that is one hundred percent honoring, the timing must be right.

How to Help Along Divine Timing

Raise Your Vibration 

The more clear and bright your vibratory frequency the more easily you will draw in other high-vibe people including your partner.  Plus, with clarity and a radiant light shining from you you will more clearly telegraph your intentions to life.  Then you can take action to bring them to reality.

The Waving White Sheet

Here is a quick and easy way to raise your vibration: Sit with your eyes closed and breathe deeply.  Envision a sheet of pure, bright, white light.  Watch it wave in a gentle unseen breeze.  Draw the sheet forth into the room before you.  See it shine brightly.  Raise your hands and say aloud to the sheet, “You are joy and light.”  Watch it wave with its new vibratory flavor.  Now, draw it into your body and feel it wave through you.  Sit with that and when you are ready, allow it to assimilate into your bodily tissue, bones, and systems.

Be Sacred

You are sacred!  The sooner you integrate that truth into your being, the sooner you will experience deep, soul mate love with an evolved and conscious partner.  Because you must see your self as sacred and your partner as sacred to have a truly healthy, spiritual partnership.  Sacred means special, precious, and a treasure of true beauty.  It is not meant here religiously.

Your evolved true love must see him or herself as sacred and you as sacred.  This is the foundation for deep, satisfying, soul mate love.  Embrace it and don’t settle for anything less!

Simple Sacredness Activity

Create a poster that says, “I am sacred.”  Decorate it with things you love and that represent you.  If you love music, put pictures of notes and sheet music.  Use your favorite colors and textures and create a representation of your wonderfulness.  Hang this poster over you bed and each morning and night say aloud, “I am sacred.”  Program your cells with that truth.  Notice how you feel when you say it.  Integrate that feeling into your daily life.

Soul Mates Are All Around

Don’t miss the soul mates all around you!  Be present to your life and all of the beauty already within it.  See your many soul mates: your best friend, certain family members, even people you work with.  Soul mates are people we have an instant affinity for and an effortless connection blooms easily.  Count your blessings every day and be truly grateful for the soul mates you have.  That primes the pump for divine timing combined with action steps to deliver your true love, exactly on time.

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