Amy’s Top 10 Books by Women Authors to Give Your Besties!

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I love being an author because it has brought the most amazing women in my life. I have been able to meet these women and hear their story through their incredible words. If you are ever in need of finding the perfect gift for your besties, I have put together my top 10 books by women authors.

If you want to get to know these authors like I do, I have interviewed most of them on my Happily Holistic Podcast! Check it out!

Disclaimer: some of the links in this article are affiliate links in which I would receive a small commission if you decide to purchase. But, of course, I only recommend my FAVORITE items to you all!

Top 10 Books by Woman Authors


1. Joy Seeker by Shannon Kaiser

Shannon Kaiser is committed to finding meaning, connection, and joy in our day-to-day lives, she’s traveled the world in search of the universal truths and spiritual wisdom we desperately need today.

Joy Seeker is her transformational approach to life, drawn from her own life-changing experiences. It is a path to discovering our true self—the hero within.

positively-wealthy2. Positively Wealthy by Emma Mumford

Positively Wealthy is a guide to manifesting abundance for those who want to redefine the meaning of wealth in their lives. This practical book is designed to help you step out of your comfort zone, fearlessly manifest the life of your dreams, and find fulfillment and sustainability using Law of Attraction methods.

evolution-of-goddess3. Evolution of Goddess by Emma Mildon

The Evolution of Goddess is a practical introduction to the goddess realm, digging up the histories of long-forgotten myths of goddesses of love, war, death, the sun, the moon, and more. With this clear-eyed and spirited book, you can finally become familiarized with goddesses from a wide range of cultures throughout history, including the mermaids of the Atlantic, the empresses of ancient Egypt, the wise women of the Middle Ages, right up to the modern-day goddesses who walk amongst us today as humble light workers, educating and inspiring.

100-days-to-calm4. 100 Days of Calm Guided Journal by Amy Leigh Mercree

Find a little more calm each day so that you can you de-stress, breathe deeply, and center yourself with this beautifully designed journal of 100 exercises. When daily life brings anxiety, these prompts, along with inspiring quotes, invite you to take time for yourself and enjoy a moment of daily serenity.

Each exercise takes just 5–10 minutes to complete, and the book includes space to jot down any reflections.

the-universe-is-talking-to-you5. The Universe is Talking to You by Tammy Mastroberte

The universe is always communicating with you—whether in the form of angels, guides, and signs from loved ones in spirit or with amazing synchronicities.

This book shows you how to decipher the messages the universe is giving you and helps you reaffirm your faith, live with more joy, and experience life as a series of wondrous miracles.

this-is-how-i-save-my-life6. This is How I Save My Life by Amy B. Scher

The true story of a fiery young woman’s heartwarming and hilarious journey that takes her from near-death in California to a trip around the world in search of her ultimate salvation.

Along the way, she discovers a world of cultural mayhem, radical medical treatment, an unexpected romance, and most importantly, a piece of her life she never even knew she was missing.

a-little-bit-of-goddess7. A Little Bit of Goddess by Amy Leigh Mercree

From seasonal celebrations to miracles and rebirth, this entry in the popular Little Bit of series explores the power, magic, and rituals of the goddess. Learn all about the Maiden, Mother, and Wise Woman archetypes, the SHE of clay and stars, and meditations connected with her—including ones for love and passion, success and wealth, protection and intuition, and health and creativity.

Enter the inner temple, pore through a Goddess Directory, and see how to become part of the Goddess Community.

glow book

8. Glow by Nadia Neumann

Improve your skin the way nature intended―with real, fresh ingredients! Nutritional Therapist Nadia Neumann completely transformed her skin by making simple switches to a nourishing, real food diet and natural skincare routine.

In Glow, Nadia walks you through the steps to naturally clear, radiant skin from the inside out.

the-circle9. The Circle by Laura Day

One carefully crafted wish can serve as a match that ignites lasting change in your life. With Laura Day’s brilliant book, The Circle, readers will learn how to develop their inherent intuition and to create everything they want in their lives.

Dreaming about the future does not need to remain a mere fantasy; thinking about the things you want brings them into the present moment and allows you to make room for them to flourish in your life. Laura Day’s instructions are simple, yet profound.

a-little-bit-of-yoga10. A Little Bit of Yoga by Meagan Stevenson

Although it is an age-old practice originating in India, yoga is still embraced by many as a means of enhancing physical, mental, and spiritual health. Not only does it calm and strengthen, but yoga can improve flexibility and mental clarity through deep breathing and poses.

This accessible introduction presents the history and philosophy of the form, along with basic poses and advice on incorporating them into a daily exercise program.

All of these women have made my top 10 book list for a reason! I hope that you enjoy these amazing women the way I do. And if you are ever trying to figure out a gift to give your bestie, come back to this list and pick out the perfect one!

About Amy Leigh Mercree

Amy Leigh Mercree is a practicing medical intuitive with over 20 years experience and author of 15 books and counting. Amy helps clients discover alternate treatment methods for illness and malaise through holistic wellness practices. Listen to Amy’s Happily Holistic Podcast where she explores all these topics and more.