Amy’s Top 10 Books by Women Authors to Give Your Besties!

100 Days to Calm

I love being an author because it has brought the most amazing women in my life. I have been able to meet these women and hear their story through their incredible words. If you are ever in need of finding the perfect gift for your besties, I have put together my top 10 books by women authors.

Top 7 Wellness Gifts for 2021: All by Women-Owned Small Businesses!

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Top 7 Wellness Gifts for 2020: All by Women-Owned Small Businesses!
I don’t know about you, but the end of 2020 calls for some wellness goodies to take care of ourselves and the amazing women in our lives. Every year I focus on supporting small businesses, but this year, it is even more important to do so. So I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite wellness gifts for 2020.

DIY Essential Oil Natural Carpet Freshener


Did you know that you can freshen up your home AND create a sense of calm at the same time? With this DIY Essential Oil Natural Carpet Freshener, invigorate your sense of smell and create peace and harmony for you and your family. This recipe is as simple as it gets! All you need is […]

A Secret to a Peaceful Night – DIY Bedroom Candle


Do you want to know one simple secret to a peaceful night? And bonus, it’s a great bedroom decor piece too. The secret is simple but effective! A candle. That’s right, a candle engages our sense of sight and smell and has the ability to create the ambiance of peace and tranquility in your very […]

Clean Your Home With This Nontoxic Disinfectant


When we think about living a non-toxic lifestyle, we must think about our homes. Because we spend so much time in our homes, sleeping, eating, and cleaning, it’s important for us to create a non-toxic environment. One of the fastest (and most money-saving) ways we can begin living a healthier lifestyle is by swapping out […]

Bringing Freshness Into Your Laundry Room


Maybe it’s not the favorite household chore, but we can change that by bringing freshness into your laundry room. And the best part…it’s toxic-free! Do you know those commercials that have that smiling woman taking in that deep breath of fresh laundry? It makes me cringe. Sure, it’s nice having newly clean clothes that smell […]

What I’m Doing to Stay Healthy – Part II


Here’s the second half of the post I shared with you last week all about what I’m doing to stay healthy during this time. Here are some of the supplements and teas I am rotating through for my own health. These treatments can help boost your immune system and prevent viruses or help you recover […]

What I’m Doing to Stay Healthy – Part I


During these times of uncertainty I find myself trying to do everything possible to stay calm and clear of all negative energy. This typically results in me drinking a LOT of ginger tea and working to stay busy. One of my favorite teas is this organic ginger tea. Sometimes I add a handful of fennel […]

How to Limit Your Exposure to Toxins in the Home

candle and coffee on a white table

What is one of the best things that you can do to create a healthy home today?  Minimize your exposure to toxins in the home by changing the products that you use on a daily basis. Essential oils are a great place to start! And the good news is that this is actually going to […]

Get Deeper Sleep with a DIY Lavender Sheet Spray

amy leigh mercree on morning show

You are going to love this simple DIY Lavender Sheet Spray for your bedroom because it’s all about sleep! We are going to focus on some aromatherapy and bring relaxation, calm, and, peacefulness into your home. This is a natural body and linen spray with essential oils that you can wear on your skin (as […]