Get Deeper Sleep with a DIY Lavender Sheet Spray

You are going to love this simple DIY Lavender Sheet Spray for your bedroom because it’s all about sleep! We are going to focus on some aromatherapy and bring relaxation, calm, and, peacefulness into your home.

This is a natural body and linen spray with essential oils that you can wear on your skin (as long as you use high grade therapeutic essential oils) and spritz lightly on all of your surroundings. Feel free to spray it on your pillows, sheets, and lamps (not on the actual light bulb!), anywhere you want to feel that sense of zen.

Start with a spray bottle and add some spring water. We will begin by adding 4-5 drops of each essential oil:

DIY Lavender Sheet Spray Recipe:

Ylang Ylang – This one smells amazing and is one of my favorites! It is a bit of a sedative, and bonus points, is also an aphrodisiac.

Jasmine – The ultimate queen essential oil! Ladies, if you need better sleep during your cycle, this is the perfect oil to add to your spray. It helps with menstrual cramps and hormonal balance.

Lavender – The most popular of all essential oils – It promotes relaxation, tranquility, it is also an analgesic that helps headaches and migraines.

Cedarwood – We use this one because it is very grounding and centering.


Shake the ingredients really well and spritz yourself and your surroundings to get the essence of tranquility and calm in the air from this lavender linen spray!

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