DIY Antiviral Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oils


Let’s create a DIY antiviral hand sanitizer with therapeutic grade essential oils! I’m sure you are aware that the flu, viruses and the common cold season is upon us. If you are having trouble finding Purell, or any other brands, at your local Walgreens or Rite-Aid, well guess what? You can make your own […]

Immune Boosting Ginger Lime Refresher


Today I’m going to share with you one of my personal favorite recipes, an Immune Boosting Ginger Lime Refresher. This recipe combines a few categories of our immune-boosting essential ingredients. You may even have some of these lying around at home! You can make this recipe as a warm beverage or a with sparkling water […]

Tulsi Chamomile Pomegranate Infusion Tea Recipe


I loved sharing my Tulsi Chamomile Pomegranate Infusion Tea recipe with Jen and Greg on ABC 7 More in the morning, and I call it my Super Power Health Potion! This Tulsi Chamomile Pomegranate Infusion Tea recipe is loaded with powerful and tasty ingredients. Not only is this tea refreshing, but it’s full of health […]

Savory Superfood Tofu Quinoa Bowl


This savory superfood tofu quinoa bowl is packed with superfoods to keep you full throughout the day. This recipe is perfect if you are meal prepping or looking for something that you can put together using ingredients you may already have on hand. Savory Superfood Tofu Quinoa Bowl Recipe Ingredients Serves 2 1 cup quinoa  […]

Reduce Inflammation Now with My Favorite ACV and Essential Oils Recipes


Get My #1 Free Holistic Remedy to Jump Start Your Energy It’s time to reduce inflammation! Inflammation is something we seem to hear about frequently. But is there any truth to all of the warnings in the wellness media? Some of the symptoms that could occur as a result include migraines, joint pain, stiffness, and/or […]

My Close Relationship with Spirit Guides Got Me Through Divorce

Spring 2017 was a challenging one for me. It was a time that cracked my heart wide open. I was cruising along living my life and thinking things were pretty good when after a weekend away I returned home to receive the news that my husband wanted a divorce. I was shocked. Some of you […]

Joyfully Living in the Moment

woman writing in journal

How can you feel truly present? How do you make an effort to be joyfully living in the moment? This question is asked by people from all walks of life, of every age, in all kinds of ways. Another way to ask this question would be: “How can I feel more alive?” The answer is, […]

How to Stay Connected, Have Fun, & Rock Your Marriage


So you married your best friend, now what?  The vows have been said, cake has been cut, and now your rings are starting to establish a permanent tan line.  When you are married to your soul mate you want to keep things fresh and build intimacy for the long and short term.  A healthy soul […]

Media Literacy Minute: Condescending Clairol


Media Literacy Minute! What is this condescending Clairol ad Suggesting? Do women need to change regularly to keep their man “guessing” and interested? Apparently, Clairol’s Nice ‘N Easy brand thinks so. In a thirty second spot that airs across multiple platforms, including cable and web, the viewer is in need of a change, regularly. (See […]