Dating Advice – Being Real

Here is a bit of dating advice for you, friend. Being real and authentic is a major piece of being loved and understood by a friend, family member, spouse, and even, date.  Showing your true self in whatever way feels comfortable is how to go from going through the motions to enjoying and really relating to the person you are dating.

Here are some easy ways to show your true self:

  1. Share your enthusiasm.  If you love Star Wars, then you should show your enthusiasm and have a movie night with your new guy.  You can clue him into your theory on how Darth Vader’s journey is a reflection of archetypal, mythological struggles between good and evil. . . or whatever you are enthused by.
  2. Say what you really think.  If you don’t like a food, then don’t eat it.  If you love foot massages, then ask for one and, of course, you can reciprocate.
  3. Talk about your feelings.  Be as real as you can be about how you are feeling emotionally.  Tell your dates about your emotions in a nonthreatening way in the spirit of sharing.

I hope this is helpful for you as you continue on your dating journey!

If you are looking for more dating advice, then check out my book The Spiritual Girl’s Guide to Dating, or even my blog post on spiritual dating!

What are some more ways to be real and authentic in our lives?  Share your ideas in the comments section below.